Creative Tips on how to design your TV Walls

The home of the TV is the living room, and getting the right wall design can create an amazing effect in your living room. When picking a TV wall design style, the major factor to consider is your kind of living room setting, where it should be placed, and the size of the TV set available. 

There is a large variety of TV wall design options to choose from – starting with the simple no-frills approach and ending with no less than a work of art. Want to get creative with your TV wall designs? We’ll walk you through some of the contemporary design options available.

  • Marbles and tiles design

Get creative by installing tiles or marble to your TV wall. This will make it a center of attraction to guest. Also consider the color, make sure it complements the general living room color. .

  • Storage wall designs

These are wall designs that come with storage spaces for housing some living room excesses, such as tapes and remotes.

  • Wall paper designs

The TV wall can be designed with wallpaper that blends with the living room them. This will make the wall a focal point in the living room.

  • Pallet wall designs 

Pallets are portable wooden surfaces where items are stored. Attaching a pallet to your living room wall is a unique and innovative way to light up the TV wall. It is also built with surrounding shelves for storing items. Remote controls, magazines, and decorative items (flower vase) can be stored on the pallet

  • Wooden Features 

Wooden features create a rusty feel in the home, it’s beautiful and comes in different designs. The wooden feature looks beautiful in almost any variation. 

  • Use decorative accessories.

Accessories like a complimentary artwork, matching vases, or a photo frame can also be used to decorate the TV walls.

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