Best Slipcovers for leather sofas

Kids and pets in your home are some sort of very ‘bad’ combo, especially if you have a leather sofa. This minute they are jumping on the couch like it’s a castle for bouncing, the next minute they’re inserting pens and claws (as the case may be) in the furniture—perhaps trying to find out what lies within. These and many more reasons are why you need slipcovers for your sofas.

Getting the right slipcover for your leather couch can be sometimes challenging. You would have to consider the smoothness of the furniture and a lot more. So you don’t end up with slipcovers that betray sleekness, here are some top-quality slipcovers to pick up for your leather sofas.

RHF Anti-Slip sofa cover

This non-slip pad is particularly designed for recliners, loveseat, couches and, of course, leather sofas. With the silicone rubber design behind and the cover’s circular anti-slip buckles, staying in place is a sure bet. There are also 2 very wide strings on the back of the sofa cover that prevent the couch shifting or slipping.

Another thing about RHF Anti-Slip sofa covers is they can be washed in machines, though with cold water.

Gorilla Grip slip-resistant sofa protector

This cover resists slips and shifts. You can adjust the straps to make sure it fits well on the leather sofa.

Being water-resistant, Gorilla Grip slip-resistant sofa cover protects your seat from liquids and all. It also guards the sofa from the fur of pets. The product is made of extremely soft suede. And this makes it super easy to maintain and clean, whether you wipe down using a cloth or you wash with a machine.

Easy going Stretch Sofa slipcover

Made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, Easy going couch covers are a little stretchy. This is probably why they fit perfectly without shifting or slipping. You can wash in machines at 30 degrees Celsius using mild detergents.

To get the right size for your couch, it is best you take measurements before making a purchase.

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