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The ultimate leather guide: things you should know about different types of leather

You’ve probably heard of things like ‘top grain’, ‘full grain’, and all that at one point or the other; and if you very conversant with reviews written on leather sofa types online, you may also have read about ‘full-aniline’, ‘semi-aniline’ or other kinds of leather before now. But here’s the gist: there’s a lot more you certainly do not know about these terms, especially as they relate to leather sofa quality.

Face it, familiarity with terms is nowhere close to being enough when it comes to making a right purchase of particular products; here’s an ultimate guide to help you know which leather type is best for your home and which is not. Check it out!

Full grain vs. Top grain vs. Genuine leather

The first thing that comes to mind when the word ‘grain’ is mentioned is a seed or fruit of a cereal grass. But far from it; the grain of a leather has nothing to do with seeds or fruits. It is basically that part of a cowhide where the leather is gotten from.

 While all leathers gotten from animal skin may technically be said to be real leather, the different parts of an animal hide produce different quality of leathers, which eventually, is responsible for the different prices of their end-products.

Full grain leathers are gotten from the very first or top layer of the animal skin, and they are generally considered to be of the highest quality. Top grain leathers are obtained by taking off the outermost layer of the hide, and they are known as the second grade of leathers. And lastly, genuine leathers, also known as split leathers or suede, are widely referred to as a lower quality leather type; they are what is left after top-grains are split from an animal skin.

No doubts, leather sofas made with full-grains are bound to last longer than any other on the market.

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