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How modern leather sofas are graded

While on the hunt for modern leather sofas, you may figure that furniture made with leather usually have a wider range of prices than all others in the collection. In a way, leather sofa pricing is influenced by the grades of leather.

 If you know nothing about leather furniture grading, this might sound completely strange and outlandish. But no worries, this post has all you need to know about how leather sofas are graded—you can say goodbye to the difficulty in choosing the best furniture for your space; we’ve got you.

Characteristic grading

Here’s a standard way to grade leather furniture—comparing by characteristics. It is quite different from the letter and number grading, though manufacturers still make use of terms in explaining treatment of leather colors, durability, texture, and the likes.

Speaking of characteristics, the most important are: grain, aniline, correction, and pigment.

Top-grain and Split-grain grading

This classification of modern leather sofas is according to the layer where the leather used is found on the animal skin. Top-grain leathers are gotten from the first layer of the hide while split-grains are gotten from the layer below the first.

Aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented

Modern leather sofas are also graded as aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented. While aniline leathers are the most natural with no color treatment at all, pigmented ones are the least natural—they have an opaque color coating that is usually stamped with textures that look like leather. Semi-aniline leathers, on the other hand, are in between; they are dyed in a glassy manner to allow their natural characteristics shine through.

Letter and number grading

Not everyone is familiar with this, but modern leather sofas are graded into letters and numbers. The tough part of this grading is it has no uniform standard in the furniture industry. In essence, a grade-five leather sofa in store A might cost way more than a grade-five leather sofa in store B. You can only employ in-house systems of grading when making a comparison between sofas produced by same manufacturers.

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