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Curtain colors to match with red modern leather sofas

Red modern leather sofas are perfect for modern living rooms. You can mix and match them with neutrals {white, black & white, or shades of brown or gray} to give your space that spicy, dazzling look.

One of the major concerns for those who use red couches made of leather is what color of curtain to use. Yes, it is a major concern because no matter how beautiful your furniture looks, an off-color curtain can turn the entire living room into an eyesore.

There’s hardly any way you would not notice a red couch in a room—its presence is always felt, whether you like it or not. You can decide to further accentuate such presence by using white curtains.—they create a cool atmosphere and make your space look quite impressive.  And if you wish to top up the calmness of the room, add blue drapes.

Besides the white curtains and the blue drapes, décors with ticking stripes, floral chintz, plaids, feminine mini-prints and checks are some charming options you could consider.

If you’re looking to make the red modern leather sofa work in a traditional living space, set up the room using an oriental rug that has red as an accent color (rugs with red as a background color are not good enough). And, rug should, at least, be large enough to cover the whole seating area.

In general, there are a couple of other colors that work really well with different shades of red furniture. For instance, white, yellow, green, black, blue and tawny-orange color curtains can go with primary reds. Tomato reds, on the other hand, need colors like grey, creamy-white, cyan and mint green to match well. And if your modern leather sofa has a cherry red color, you can complement it with light-orange, beige, or pale yellow.

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