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Choosing between left and right-side sitting sectional: the Ultimate guide

A lot of considerations go into styling a living room. And when it comes to choosing a perfect décor, you definitely want to think sectional sofas or any other furniture piece that would scream luxury.

No doubts, sectional sofas do much more than create space for sitting, they add spice to your living room and give you every reason to love comfort (only weirdoes would hate comfort, anyway). But you need to decide whether to choose the left side sitting sectional or go for the right.

In many cases, this is usually a tough decision. But don’t fret, we are here to help. Check out the guide below and you’ll find just how to make a perfect choice.

Right-side sitting sectional?

Simply, a right-side sitting sectional is one with the chaise on the right and the sofa continuing to the left. You may want to stand facing the piece to check this out.

Left-side sitting sectional?

If you’re standing right in front of a left-side sitting sectional, the chaise should be on the left and the sofa continuing to the right.

Making a choice

To choose a perfect placement for your sectional sofa, it is important you consider use and function. Your space needs to offer a warm, comfortable feeling to friends and family. So you should style it in such a way that the furniture stares you right in the face. It really doesn’t make sense to step into the room and find your couch turning its back at you—you should see the couch, not its back.

Arrange your sectional in the corner of your room and allow it face the focal point. This way, you wouldn’t have to go through much stress or spend a lot of time setting up.

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